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A 1400-seater church auditorium in Damansara, Malaysia, is so pleased with its NEXO GEO S12 /RS18 system that the management has ordered another near-identical installation for its newly-built sanctuary in Kelana Jaya.

NEXO’s Malaysian distributor Audio Solutions Sdn Bhd recommended the GEO S12 design to its client Sidang Injil Borneo KL Church (SIBKL) for its 1400-seat Bangunan Yin Auditorium.

Audio Solutions’ professional system engineer Rico Yong designed a configuration using 12x GEO S12, with 2x RS18s, powered by NXAMP4x4 and NXAMP4x1, with a number of PS8 and PS10 units for fill and monitoring.  “The system has been in use at Bangunan Yin for a year now, and is running smoothly and performing exactly as required,” reports Rico Yong.  “To achieve optimum sound quality and functionality, the NEXO loudspeakers have been paired with a Yamaha M7CL digital console at front-of-house.”

The SIBKL has enjoyed such a positive experience that they have placed repeat orders with Audio Solutions for their new sanctuary, the Sunway Mas Community Center (SMCC).

“We’re honoured that SIBKL repeated their NEXO order with us.  The people in charge of SIBKL, Mr Wong and Mr Andrew Chan, are very knowledgeable about sound systems and acoustic issues.  When they awarded us the second contract, we knew that we had met their expectations in Bangunan Yin, and now they expect us to impress them once again!”

System specifications, as designed by Rico Yong:

GEO S12 x 13

PS10-R2 x 4

RS18 x 2

NXAMP4x4 x 2


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