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Privacy Policy

No Personal Information Gathering Cookie/No Tracking/Need-to-Know Privacy Policy

Until further notice, will maintain a No personal information gathering cookie/Need-to-know data sharing policy. This means no personal information gathering cookies will be issued, and third parties have no access to this database. By personal information gathering cookies we mean just that – no data gathering is performed at all.

Please note the following information regarding other types of cookie

We do use asp session objects (aka non-persistent, or session state cookies) to maintain settings for NEXOnet users during a logged-in session. Asp session objects exist only during the logged-in session – nothing is left on a machine once the NEXOnet user has logged-out.

Additionally, we offer NEXOnet users the option of storing their log-in details in a cookie (user name and password) at sign-up to allow automatic log-in on subsequent visits. The default setting is not to store this information.

Need to know

By "need-to-know", we mean that ONLY authorized NEXO agents may access the data provided during NEXOnet sign-up and, even then, only the NEXO representative geographically associated with any NEXOnet member can access specific member information.

NOTE: NEXO SA may periodically update this Privacy Policy. If so, NEXO SA will post the updated Privacy Policy on this Site. NEXO SA encourages you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time for any changes.

What Information We Gather/Track

Membership in requires a legitimate e-mail address, plus 11 other data fields, including user name and password. Those who do not wish to provide the requested information will not be given access to NEXOnet.

NEXO dynamically tracks only two pieces of member data. We record and update each NEXOnet member's last log-in (visit) and maintain a running total of each member log-ins. No other data is gathered or tracked!

Also, we never collect information from anyone under age 16. If you are under age 16, please do not submit any personal information to our Site. If we have specific knowledge that any individual under the age of 13 has submitted personally identifiable information to the Site, we will permanently delete such information without notice.

Finally, we will not bother you with unwanted spam, although we may on a rare instance, such as a new product release, major software upgrade, etc, send an informational e-mail to all NEXOnet members.