World Leaders in Sound Reinforcement

Light and compact to transport. Quick and
easy to fly. The cardioid system that makes
sense sonically, commercially and environmentally.



When flown, up to 16x deep, GEO SUB arrays provide a sub and subwoofer system for GEO D, GEO S or GEO T, effectively crossing over as high as 300Hz. With peak SPL of 139-142dB, GEO SUB’s front-loaded 18" transducer integrates exceptional high power handling with an extended frequency range.

When stage stacked, the flexible GEO SUB deploys with GEO D10 as a cardioid subwoofer system, allowing end-users infinite scalability and system placement options, with subbass response down to 35Hz. 

Rooted in NEXO’s ongoing commitment to precise LF control, the unique GEO SUB design employs two side-firing 12" speakers to create unrivalled, cardioid midbass and subbass coverage.

Key Features