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GEO D System Overview

Time Proven, Sonically Superior

The launch of GEO S fulfilled NEXO’s long term design goal to integrate multiple full-range cabinets as scalable systems that behave as high output, full bandwidth, single source systems with full spectrum coherency and precise, pattern control. This rigorously documented and unrivalled sonic signature has earned global acceptance and universal praise for GEO Tangent Array technology.

GEO D continues NEXO’s commitment to GEO systems R&D. It’s10° vertical coverage opens the new system up to users at a three box (per side) minimum, providing exceptional price/performance access to our world class Tangent Array technology.

Flying up to 16x deep, or stage stacked, the powerful GEO SUB can deploy with any GEO system and, when flown, displays powerful LF and VLF response from 38Hz to 300Hz, while maintaining NEXO’s legendary cardioid LF and VLF directional control.



System Components