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GEO S12 System Overview

Fixed or mobile systems? Vertical or horizontal arrays?

GEO S1210/S1230 presents elegant, ergonomic sound reinforcement solutions for any application, expanding GEO’s global reputation for advanced Vertical array design, into horizontal arrays. In addition to the standard GEOS1210/S1230 cabinets, new long-throw ST versions are now available for stadium applications. A comprehensive accessories package precisely rigs S1210/S1230 arrays, both horizontally and vertically, with unrivalled flexibility, and without sonic compromise to venue architecture or acoustics.


From an LCR theatre system with under-balcony fills, to a stagestacked concert array, large installed stadia or mobile DJ systems, S12 technology offers singular price/performance balance. Integrated with NEXO’s legendary CD, S2 or RS15 SubBass cabinets, S1210/S1230 systems create the perfect three-box toolkit. Beyond cardioid focus and fidelity, S12 technology optimizes mobile system inventories through unrivalled mid-sized system output, while Designers and Consultants benefit from S12’s weather-proof options, dedicated TDcontroller and bid-friendly installation hardware.



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