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Ultra-compact. Highly efficient.
Consistently coherent. The ultimate listening
experience for the smaller audience.

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GEO S8 System Overview

Ultra-compact. Highly efficient. Consistently coherent.The ultimate listening experience for the smaller audience.

Experienced audio professionals have developed, tested and verified ‘rules of thumb’ for live sound reinforcement. The patent-protected innovations that are the core of NEXO's GEO Technology break those rules again and again.

Minimal arrays of five GEO S805 Vertical Tangent Array Modules and one S830 Horizontal/Vertical Tangent Array Module have proven their ability to tame difficult acoustic environments and bring a new sense of detail and intimacy to audiences of up to 2000.

Deeper arrays of up to 24x S Series Tangent Array Modules have been used in arenas and outdoor events for tens of thousands. In both types of application, the consistent SPL, stunning coherency and surprising efficiency of the GEO S Series has challenged audio professionals to rethink their assumptions and to explore new possibilities.



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