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Solving the side lobe.

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CD Cardioid SubBass System Overview

While curved vertical arrays are the most advanced loudspeaker systems available, most vertical array systems create side lobes which cause excessive on-stage low frequency levels. Unfortunately, this LF energy can’t be equalized out of the lead singer’s microphone, unless that singer and mic are stationary.

To solve this problem, NEXO’s powerful CD12 and CD18 employ an innovative method to control long wavelength, LF acoustic energy. CD technology applies cardioid microphone designs “in reverse”, to produce cardioid, super-cardioid or hyper-cardioid patterns from two woofers facing opposite directions.

Sophisticated signal processing algorithms, from the NX242 TDcontroller, are also applied individually to each of the dual-ported woofers, to produce substantial forward gain and more than 15dB of rear attenuation. This means NEXO CD SubBass systems directs LF energy where it is needed, towards in the audience, and away from open microphones and reverberant surfaces.


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