The world's most advanced compact line array


Just 531mm wide and 21Kg in weight, NEXO’s extraordinary GEO M10 combines a number of patented technologies with advanced DSP control and integral, ‘no loose parts’ rigging to create a compact, powerful, wide-bandwidth module that’s quick and easy to deploy in flown arrays or groundstacks.


Favouring innovative new thinking over conventional line array wisdom, GEO M10 partners a 1.4″ titanium diaphragm HF driver with a single, Neodymium-magnet 10” driver and delivers an unprecendented ratio of LF response to cabinet size, outperforming many larger, dual-driver designs. And with a maximum SPL of 136dB, GEO M10 is twice as powerful as its sister-system, the GEO M6, making it ideal for speech and music events with larger audiences.


System Design

Designing and configuring the perfect GEO M10 system is easy using free NS-1 software – a powerful and intuitive system configuration and simulation tool with an intuitive drag and drop interface, ensuring uniform SPL coverage of any NEXO system in any venue.



With GEO M10, NEXO has built on its proven expertise in deploying single 10″ drivers – the GEO S8 and PS10 being among the world’s most successful compact line array and sound reinforcement speakers respectively. GEO M10 incorporates a number of NEXO patented technologies, including the Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource (HRW™), Phase Directivity Device™, V-shaped Port Tube Profiling and Magnetic Waveguide Flanges.



Two versions of the GEO M10 (offering 12.5° and 25° of vertical dispersion) can be configured manually, without tools, for 80° or 120° horizontal dispersion, and are complemented by the dedicated MSUB15. Extending system response down to 40Hz, the sub can be configured in Omni or Cardioid modes in flown arrays or groundstacks, using a versatile bumper. GEO M10 and MSUB15 are available in Touring and Installation versions. Cabinets are available in black, white and custom RAL colours.


Power & Processing

Amongst the most powerful amplifiers in the industry, NEXO’s NXAMP4X4 combines 4 x 4000 Watts (2 Ohm load) amplification with linear phase processing presets for every NEXO cabinet, making it easy to power systems of any size. A single NXAMP4X4 channel can power up to 4 x GEO M10 moduls or up to 3 x MSUB15 cabinets, making it possible to power a substantial groundstacked system or line array from a single amplifier just 4 rack units in height. With optional Dante™, EtherSound™ and AES cards available, the NXAMP4X4 represents a scalable, networkable and cost-effective integration of command, control, protection and amplification for GEO M10 systems. Smaller GEO M10 systems can be powered by NEXO’s DTD/ DTDAMP and larger systems by the NUAR Rack.



GEO M10 is a truly versatile system, with a flexible range of multi-purpose accessories available for configuring large or small flown arrays and groundstacks, plus a range of flightcases.


Docs & Downloads

The place to get GEO M10 brochures, datasheets, manuals, drawings, exploded views and hi-resolution system images.


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